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Lack of sexuality in women - causes and treatment

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Many women complain of loss of libido at some point in their lives. However, you should not confuse low libido with the inability to achieve orgasm. Low libido has to do with things like less frequent sexual thoughts, slowed down arousal and time to climax, reluctance to initiate sex, etc.

There are various options to treat this condition, such as testosterone therapy, localized estrogen therapy, female Viagra-like drugs, natural libido enhancement pills, psychologist or sex therapist counseling, etc. Yet, few of these options have showed flawless effectiveness for every individual case.

What causes the loss of libido in women?

The lack of libido affects about one-third of women at some point in their lives and the reasons are various – some of physical and others of psychological origin.

Physical causes:

Alcoholism – the common misperception that alcohol can improve sex drive or performance is not true. In fact, many women claim that alcohol before sex diminishes their sexual desire.

Drug abuse and some prescribed drugs – many prescription medications (for example antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, etc.) may hamper arousal and the ability to achieve orgasm.

Major illnesses – for example, diabetes and the nerve damage associated with it may lead to vaginal dryness and difficulty in achieving orgasm. Kidney disease may cause nerve damage too and also hormonal imbalance, which may affect sex drive.

Obesity – women who are medically obese may be deficient in certain sex hormones and possibly experience a lack of sexual interest.

Pregnancy – changes in hormone levels when a woman is pregnant can cause a temporary change in her desire for sex.

Childbirth – post-baby hormonal changes or the trauma of giving birth itself can also cause a loss of libido.

Menopause – many specialists argue whether or not menopause can be a cause of loss of desire. Some claim that the lack of estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness and thinning of the walls of the vagina, which can make intercourse uncomfortable. Yet, a lot of women continue to lead a normal sexual life (some even have orgasms more often) in the postmenopausal part of their life.

Painful intercourse – an uncomfortable or painful intercourse may make women avoid sex. This can be caused by various reasons, such as pelvic infection, vaginal infections, a cyst, or lack of estrogen resulting in decreased vaginal lubrication.

A low libido may stem from psychological problems too. In fact, the loss of sex drive in women is even more likely to result from psychological causes than from physical causes.

Psychological causes:

Serious relationship problems with her partner – women’s sexual interest is often tied to the quality of the relationship with her partner.

Difficult living conditions or lifestyle – for example, managing both a career and children, living under the same roof with parents or parents-in-law, etc.

Depression and anxiety – these two factors can really oppress sex drive. Additionally, there are many medications that are prescribed to combat these conditions but affect negatively women’s libido.

Stress and overwork – it may be hard to provide for the bills that pile up but financial worries and distress can result in low libido.

Past or current physical, emotional, or sexual abuse – such traumatic experiences may lead to avoidance of sex.

How to treat the lack of libido?

In order to find an effective solution for the loss of libido, it is important to identify what has really triggered it. The causes listed above are just some of the possible reasons for losing sexual desire.

Probably the first step you should take is to visit your doctor to ensure that your low sex drive is not due to a medical problem. Some medical problems are difficult to spot and you may not be aware that you have one until you visit your doctor.

You may also consider visiting a psychologist or even a sex therapist to help you examine the underlying problems in your life and sexuality.

Are there medications?

Many pharmaceutical companies are searching for the “women's Viagra”, a drug that will enhance women’s sexual vitality, interest and excitement. Yet, so far most have had little success.

Due to the origin of the causes for the loss of libido in women, erection drug like Viagra haven’t managed to help women with a low libido. They do have some beneficial local effect in increasing lubrication in some women as a result of the increased blood flow to the female genitals for a few hours. However, they are still not the ultimate solution.

Some specialists suggest testosterone therapy as a way to improve sexual function. However, too much testosterone can lead to unpleasant effects, such as facial hair, a change in the women’s voice, etc.

Others try localized estrogen therapy which is known to soothe vaginal tissue and assist in lubrication.

Another solution that enjoys high popularity and success among women complaining of low libido is natural libido enhancers. If you decide to try libido enhancement pills, make sure you choose quality pills from a reputable company. In addition to sex drive improvement, such herbal libido enhancers will also promote overall reproductive health and sexual sensations and orgasm.

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